MAN A78 Minipack (BETA Released!)

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  • Type of project: Bus mod

    Name of project: MAN A78 Minipack

    Involved people: alexredx (me), PaulIP (so far)

    External help required: currently no

    Estimated release date: TBA*


    I have been working on this project since March, initially intended as a private bus for my real private map, Craiova, based on the variant we have there. But, after further discussions with my mate PaulIP, and seeing there were people interested in this model, I decided to continue and develop it as a minipack for OMSI 2. It is my first ever project at this scale, and I'll try to do it as good as possible. The model itself is based on MAN Lion's Classic, since they share some similarities.

    The minipack will include the following versions (also some variables will be included, but I won't spoil them for now):

    2-2-1 (city version, seen especially in Poland, Sweden and other certain countries)

    2-2-0 (mostly seen in Denmark and Germany)

    1-2-0 (interurban version, probably the most known from all of those. Many of them operated in the Netherlands)

    Ignore the repaint, it's made in like 5 mins so yeah.

    1-2-1 (mostly seen in Sweden. Currently only the body is done, the rest is to be made)

    Best regards,



    * - to be announced

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  • The model itself is based on MAN Lion's Classic,

    but your one looks better, than the Lion's Classic.

    These one's are Low Entry Busses, right? Depending on the interior and cockpit Model / Texture, they could be very interesting.



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  • Currently, slow progress has been made and only when I had some spare time left, due to exams I will have in the following period and also other things related to high school. In the mean time, I started exporting other models for the 1-2-1 variant:

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  • Hey! These buses look very realistic and detailed. Good work! We had the 2-2-1 version in my town until they got scrapped earlier this year. I especially like the brutal kickdown function in the Voith gearbox that some drivers really liked to use. The ZF is nothing compared to the Voith. It would be fun if you include the kickdown function which makes the bus rev a lot more if you put the pedal to the metal. The videos from YouTube above shows the exact engine sound that we had in the buses in my town. Unfortunately they have been replaced with a bunch of used Volvo 7700 Hybrid which are dreadful! They are noisy as hell and not much of a hybrid ngl. Fortunately we also have newer Volvo 7900 Hybrid which are more comfort to ride, but we also have four brand new Volvo 7900 Electric buses, those are wonderful.

    Keep up your good work!

  • Still a lot of work to do, but it looks fine! Keep going! :thumbup:

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  • Barbu Constantin - salut, te vei putea bucura de autobuz cand va fi lansat oficial.

    biergerstein and Tabley-Kun - thanks for the kind words. The buses from my city also have that amazing Voith gearbox which i'd like to replicate it in OMSI but I need to record proper sounds for this. The first version won't probably have them implemented and it will remain with Morphi's D0836 sounds, but i will try to do it a real thing in the 2nd one, at least for the Voith gearbox.

    Moreover, i've added and changed some things in the bus, and i will post some pictures in a few days.

  • This period I had a little bit more spare time to concentrate on the project and I changed some things to make it look somehow better.

    Smol changelog:

    - Imported the dashboard computer, icons and some scripts from V3D's MAN A21 (with some help from a friend)

    - Retextured the lights and replaced the old exterior blinkers with rounded ones

    - Finally exported the 1-2-1 variant (still working on it)

    - The main body textures were improved with the help of daandekrieger, whom I thank for his contribution :)

    - Changed some sounds

    - Reworked and smoothened some models to reduce the number of polygons

  • My Favorite will be the "1-2-0 interurban version", perfect for support of the MAN Citybusfamily.

    Do you have already informations about Gearbox, Motor, Emission Class and year of construction?



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