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  • It seems that your OMSI/Computer has problems with German letters (ä,ö,ü,ß), so OMSI can't load Objects, Splines or even Chrono events with this letters.

    Instead it seems to search for ? (instead of ß) or o (instead of ö) etc.

    Do you have such problems also on other maps?

  • Yes, unfortunately, there is.

    I found how to solve the problem. It was necessary to put a tick in one item in the settings for changing the language in the system in order to use Unicode. It is a pity that this unicode is still being tested. I hope that I will not have problems with it.

    Thank you for responding to my topic.

  • hey someone help me ;

    not working

    Edited once, last by Tatra: Ever heard of the word "please"? And more information is also helpful. Mostly the error sits in front of the monitor! ().

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    Added the Label Map