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    If you had taken a better look at the archive you would have found the Verkehrszeichen files in a different folder (Hint: Nemolus)

    Where the Waldheini objects are from I don't know. They are not with Blakwitz. I have backups of these which I checked. The best thing is to ask the builder where he has them from.

    Yes, when OMSI cannot find a spline or object it stops loading that tile and it will not be diplayed.

    In the splines folder you will find the file invis_sidewalk.sli. Copy that into the folder splines\Marcel and rename it to invis_human.sli. That should solve your problem.


    110 21:11:26 - - Warning: Spline non trovata:Splines\Yufa\kassler1.sli, if you are loading an addon map, please read the documentation and contact the map's author. If you are loading an original map (Spandau or Grundorf), please repair OMSI with the original setup.

    This can probably be found in the download of Eberlinsee-Schönau. It was originally part of the Eberlinsee download.

    The spline in the Yufa folder isn't part of a package by Yufa. I found it in my archive as part of the map Eberlinsee. Maybe it is also part of the map Eberlinsee-Schönau.


    144 21:23:13 - - Warning: Invalid Object: Sceneryobjects\NoNameProdution\NNP_Sceneryobjekte\Neubauhaus_3.sco"

    These are probably in the wrong folder. Check the path on you drive. you may have to make a new folder NoNameProdution (Warning: without a c) and copy the folder NNP_Sceneryobjekte into it.


    125 21:23:13 - - Error: Could not load object Sceneryobjects\Additional Traffic Signs\ATS_direction_right.sco!

    Download the ams from the link in the readme. You can unpack it like a normal archive with 7-zip or maybe even WinRAR.


    113 21:23:13 - - Warning: Infraestructura no encontrada:Splines\Terrain Spline\20mTerrain_Spline.sli. Si estás cargando un addon, lee la documentación del autor. Si es Spandau ó Grundorf, será necesario reparar la instalación de OMSI.

    Check if the folder Terain Spline is directly in the folder Splines. And not ion the folder Splines\ADDON_TerrainSplines\Splines.

    Also the link in the readmme is not correct. If you have not downloaded it yet use the link below.…in-splines-v6-0/#versions


    140 21:23:13 - - Warning: Infraestructura no encontrada:Splines\O3D_SimpleCrossingSplines\Asphalt2_10m .sli. Si estás cargando un addon, lee la documentación del autor. Si es Spandau ó Grundorf, será necesario reparar la instalación de OMSI.

    This is also in the linked file from the readme. Please note that there should be an emty space between 10m and .sli. This is no error.

    The text under [item] is not correct. You now use texturenames of the A23.





    This must be used for the front part





    This is for the rear part.

    When using the Blue Sky Tool you can select the list of missing objects and copy the text into a spoiler. The logfile only give information on the loaded tiles.

    Also could you mark the checkbox that the task is completed? Just double click on it.

    There are some problems with the regional settings. In the .map files there is a reference to a filename that has a character that connot be read by your computer.


    107 15:15:20 - - Error: The file "Sceneryobjects\Nemolus Objekte\Verkehrszeichen\VZ_OhneMast_Vorfahrtstra?e.sco" could not be loaded!

    108 15:15:20 - - Warning: Invalid Object: Sceneryobjects\Nemolus Objekte\Verkehrszeichen\VZ_OhneMast_Vorfahrtstra?e.sco"

    In place of the questionmark ther should be a character looking like the greek letter bèta. You can either change your keybaordlanguage or you can change the filname in the .map files (with a text editor). In this example you change ? to ss. You than have to check if that file is available or copy and rename a similar named file.


    158 15:15:39 - - Error: The path "vehicles\MB_O530_Facelift\model\paths_O530_2D.cfg" could not be loaded!

    159 15:15:39 - - Warning: Error while loading script const file vehicles\MB_O530_Facelift\\script\IBIS_constfile.txt

    160 15:15:44 - - Error: vehicles\MB_O530_Facelift\model\12m\Rad_VR.o3d – o3d reading failed - Could not read the o3d file! Die angegebene Datei wurde nicht gefunden

    161 15:15:44 - - Error: In "vehicles\MB_O530_Facelift\model\model_O530_FL_2doors_M.cfg" there was an error in line 515!

    Also there seems to be a problem with you Mercedes-Benz O530 Facelift. Maybe a new install will cure this problem.