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  • There are some problems with the regional settings. In the .map files there is a reference to a filename that has a character that connot be read by your computer.


    107 15:15:20 - - Error: The file "Sceneryobjects\Nemolus Objekte\Verkehrszeichen\VZ_OhneMast_Vorfahrtstra?e.sco" could not be loaded!

    108 15:15:20 - - Warning: Invalid Object: Sceneryobjects\Nemolus Objekte\Verkehrszeichen\VZ_OhneMast_Vorfahrtstra?e.sco"

    In place of the questionmark ther should be a character looking like the greek letter bèta. You can either change your keybaordlanguage or you can change the filname in the .map files (with a text editor). In this example you change ? to ss. You than have to check if that file is available or copy and rename a similar named file.


    158 15:15:39 - - Error: The path "vehicles\MB_O530_Facelift\model\paths_O530_2D.cfg" could not be loaded!

    159 15:15:39 - - Warning: Error while loading script const file vehicles\MB_O530_Facelift\\script\IBIS_constfile.txt

    160 15:15:44 - - Error: vehicles\MB_O530_Facelift\model\12m\Rad_VR.o3d – o3d reading failed - Could not read the o3d file! Die angegebene Datei wurde nicht gefunden

    161 15:15:44 - - Error: In "vehicles\MB_O530_Facelift\model\model_O530_FL_2doors_M.cfg" there was an error in line 515!

    Also there seems to be a problem with you Mercedes-Benz O530 Facelift. Maybe a new install will cure this problem.

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