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    That's unfortunate. This map looks so good BTW :)

    Could you send this map to me in PM? I would really like to test it out. I won't upload the map anywhere because I'm well aware that you still haven't got the permission to release the map publicly.

    I don't think so becauce parts of this map is the Payware Addon Rheinhausen and i haven't the permission to upload this sorry

    That's kinda sad. Too bad that such maps can't be published (legally) because they're based on a payware DLC.

    However, it may be possible to release it as a mod with the payware addon being a requirement.

    Der Netzplan ist jetzt endlich fertig nach vielen Stunden Arbeit.

    Meine Private Rheinhausen Karte mit Teilen von Krefrath, ALU und Städtedreick v3 und nartürlich auch selbst gebautes.

    Das zweite Bild einen Citaro G Facelift der Linie 612 am Neundorfer S-Bahnhof auf dem Weg zum Kreiskrankenhaus.

    Will you publish this new map? It seems like it would be fun to drive on it because there are so many lines. :P