Gråkallbanen (Norway) [Semi-Fictive] [BETA] Grakallbanen [MAP & Various files]

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A semi-fictionnal tram map in Norway. The Grakallbanen goes into OMSI! MAP IN BETA


This map is a semi-realistic version of the Trondheim Tramway known as "Gråkallbanen".

It's a small tram line (number 1), the only remaining one of the city. Journey takes around 20 minutes from the city to the top of the mountain.

The length of the line is almost 9 km and uses metric gauge (1,000mm). Also, it's the world's northernmost tramway system in service.

*Note: Some pictures have been taken a long time ago, some little things could have been changed.*

/!\ THIS IS A BETA version, which means that some things aren't 100% perfect. But I wanted to let you try this line, until it's fully fixed. /!\


/!\ As the map presented here is a BETA version, pictures and contents can/will be updated! /!\

Key features

  • A real track made in OMSI.
  • The first Norwegian map (as I know) available for OMSI 2.
  • All types of tram can be used. No NF6D? No worry!
  • Playing in winter is highly recommanded! (It's a must!)

What is real on this map?

  • The layout of the map (each curve, side track, etc.). Excepted some parts that have reworked to a better flow of the traffic.
  • All the stops are represented with their real names.
  • At Munkvoll (where the depot is), the “Spoorveitsmuseet” is referenced and visible on the right of the track. Buildings are of course not the same as reality, but to remind there’s a small Museum about the tram here.
  • The livery on the vehicles. The Tatra KT4D is similar in conception as Class TT (the trams used in Trondheim). For the NF6D, the livery has the real stickers as in reality, but placed differently.
  • Timetables are the same as reality. Different schedules (frequency of 15 or 30 minutes depending on the period and day).

What is fictive on this map?

  • The livery on the NF6D.
  • The landscape. The buidlings do not look like the real ones. However, each part was build to match the correct place (town, small rural areas, depots, etc.)
  • The signalling system is not the same in reality (uses the German signalling system).


What needs to be done?

  • Trams need to respect the timetables, as most of the line is single tracked.
  • The AI livery is not working. I have tested A LOT but seems not working :/ Also trams may have some problems on some areas.
  • Some trees and brushes are not placed correctly.


Tatra KT4D (Freeware)

(NF6D is optionnal)

I do not include sceneryobjects and splines due to safety and legal reasons. It avoids hosting files that can be sensitive. A list of required contents can be found in the manual of the map (OMSI2\Addons\Grakallbanen).


If you can help with the AI, please contact me! That's the MAIN thing that need to be fixed.

This is why the map is a BETA. If someone has good knownledge with AI, it would be a pleasure for help.

Thanks for reading. Have fun on the map! :)


Please note that some pictures are taken from a project in development and final result can slightly differ.


  • Vehicles\Tatra_T3_EBS\Tatra_T3_2_Static.sco

    Ich vermisse das und ich habe Eberlinsee_Schoenau.
    und wie kann ich ein Bild hinzufügen, weil ich denke, dass etwas nicht stimmt. weil ich das Depo für die Straßenbahnen nicht betreten kann, weil es ein weißer Bereich ist ?!

  • Die Karte funktioniert alles da mann kann kein Fahrplan aus Wehlen

  • Map seems to be interesting, but PLEASE, CHANGE THAT GERMAN STUFF ON IT ;_;

    • Maybe, but I don't create 3D objects/splines. And this map is a product of my creativity, so I do as I see it.

      Also, I used common objects because of rights (some aren't permitted to be reused).

      But if you want to remove all the german things and replace them, you can if you want to assist me for the project : )

      (And I read you wanted to work on a Norwegian project)

    • I would help ofc, but I would rather work on bus map, contact me on pm so we can talk about it ;)

    • Thanks for your answer, I planned to add buses on the map, but I only worked on the tram first.

      You can contact me on Discord, because we are both on the server ; )

  • Wo erhalte ich: Vehicles\Tatra_T3_EBS\Tatra_T3_2_Static.sco

  • Hallo habe ein Problem mir fehlen zwei sceneryobjects trees_mc gr4.sco Und sceneryobjects verkehrszeichen mc Ampel kfz 1 (2).sco

    • Auf meiner Website (link in Profil), es gibt eine Seite für die Projekte, mit Sceneryobjects und Splines links.

    • Splines habe ich ja schon aber sceneobjects kann ich leider nicht runterladen weil die 919 MB verbraucht brauche ja nur die beiden und mein Datenvolumen gibt nicht mehr her

  • As some people said it, I'll try to solve the AI problem and the passengers not boarding in the next days.

    REMEMBER: If someone has good knownledge with AI tram, I'll be a pleasure if you can help me ; )

  • I can't find these Splines


    Splines\Terrain Spline\3mTerrain_Spline.sli

    Is it possible to provide download links for them?

    • Do you download the "Splines" folder on his site?

    • No but i just found it. Thank you.

  • Code
    1. Hello,
    2. By installing your map, I'm missing a file that I can not find "Vehicles \ Tatra_T3_EBS \ Tatra_T3_2_Static.sco". Could you help me ?
    3. Thank you in advance and have a nice evening,
    4. Jael
    • You can find it by downloading Eberlinsee-Schönau. It's included with the map.

    • Thank you ! And does it need a powerful PC or not to play it?

    • No, it isn't complex as Eberlinsee-Schönau is. You could run it (depends on your hardware). But it's just recommanded to have a powerful PC.

  • Eventuell solltest du noch mal die Objekte fixen.

    • I'll see that with the admins, because I had to remove objects and splines if the map is available (legal reasons).

  • Hallo,

    eine sehr schöne Map vielleicht baust du diese noch etwas aus.



  • I've tried now everything; the map doesn't work. I've found some missing objects and splines, however, some splines and objects seem to not exist. (Searched on Google, and that french website you gave the link to) I've installed the newest version but still:

    Maptools indentified the following missing Splines and objects:

    Sceneryobjects /Generic/routearrow_TB

    Sceneryobjects/Trees_MC/RHD several of them

    Splines/rmpllsplines/Holzplanken I know that that one should be included in the download (Reference Readme) however it isn't.

    Could you tell me/us where to download these things from and maybe give links to them?

    • I'll see it this afternoon. Generic and tees can be found. The holzplanken is a spline from class_crafter (rmpll).

      I'll see that with the admins, because I had to remove objects and splines if the map is available (legal reasons).

    • "Sceneryobjects /Generic/routearrow_TB" I replaced this one with a bus stop sign. The TB (turn back) was only at one place. So, this is no more required.

      "Sceneryobjects/Trees_MC/RHD several of them" I changed them to the normal ones. Maybe because I have a British map.

      "Splines/rmpllsplines/Holzplanken" for this one, I added it temporarily to my website.