Innovations until 13 June 2021


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    • We have adjusted some permissions, e.g. the right for creating invitation links and the changing of nicknames are now only available for verified users (connected to the WebDisk). If you are not verified and do not want to verify yourself, but still want to share an invitation link, please share our public invitation link
    • The minigames round is also now only available for verified users.
    • Another note on linking: Registered users can link their WebDisk account to Discord hier. All roles such as OMSI modder are automatically transferred, and your nickname is also synchronised with the WebDisk username.

Fixed bugs

  • Update to WoltLab Suite 5.2.14 (Changelog)
  • [Report, Report, Report, Report, Report, Report, Report, Report]
    We disabled the plugin for comments in the forum's screenshot section, because it led to numerous problems that could not be fixed by the developer. Reactions to screenshots are thus possible again.

On our own account

The partial closure of the MOF is now more than a year ago. Since 26 April, the WebDisk is now the main point of contact for the OMSI community. If you want to read up on what happened, you can find more information in the Review of the year 2020, as well as in the articles from Neuigkeiten vom 27. April 2020 onwards. A lot happened, we had to rebuild a lot of things, we spent nights together - but after all that we can proudly say that we succeeded in this task and that we team members have created a new home for the OMSI community with the WebDisk.