Innovations until 1 November 2020

Innovations & implemented proposals

  • [Global] Transfer of announcements & news to the article system
  • [Article] Guide to the different areas
  • [Global] In the navigation you will now find further important links
  • [Global] [Question] The FAQ system has been completed and is finally available
  • [Global] Further changed behind the scenes. For you nothing have changed. Should something not work after all, please send us a report or in case of project forums a personal message, e.g. via the Ticket system.
  • [Global] The user group colors have been reworked, furthermore the colors and icons are now visible.
  • [Global] To eliminate confusion, two user ranks have been adjusted: The project leaders are now colled Management, the former co-administrators become Administration.
  • [Editor] [Proposal] New BB-Code [hr][/hr] for a horizontal line
  • [Profil] [Proposal] You can now add the system data in your user profile
  • [Users] New rank: AddOn Developer
  • [Users] We welcome Sobol as a new Translator. He will take care of the Polish translation, which will be coming soon.

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