Project Pécs (fictional map)

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  • Hi all!
    Harangvölgy terminus (the tram and lot of bus line terminates there)

    Turbókörforgalom near Harangvölgy (sorry, it sounds in english as turbo roundabout = it means, that all idiot can use a multi-laned roundabout, because it holds your hand - you will see) a bypass route starts there

    Stay tuned!

    Iveco Crossway LE

    AI tests are in progress (buses and trams too), but the end is still far
    And I'm looking for some help, to make stop displays work with special characters (á,é,ő,ű,ú,ó,í)
    Trams (only between Rákóczi út and Spanyol torony - the line not connected to Harangvölgy yet)

    Harangvölgy (only test schedule of 40(A), 52, 941, 952, 971) - currently some hof problems

    Four lines in two districts has built in one day...

    The tram depot is almost done. It inludes also a smaller bus depot, as it seems. The AI for some unkown reason drops off here usually, or don't want to go further. This is a temporary terminus, and the AI tram goes here now, because the lower and the upper (this) section still not connected (about 5-600 metres).

    The tram line (almost) done, the trams are going on the whole line (cca. 25 min each way), it requires 10 vehicles on peak time: 6 min interval, turnaround is an hour (25+5+25+5 min).
    My to do list
    - Some places the splines are lost theirs connection...
    - AI not so intelligent sometimes, this one 'X1', should go about midnight, but the pic was taken about 6:30 am...

    End of the day

    31, 31Y: 29 min/one-way

    32: 35 min/one-way
    32T: 37min/one-way
    213: 39 min/one-way

    213E: 28 min/one-way

    58, 58Y, 158, 158Y, 258, 258Y, 59 (rather 3 lines [58, 58Y, 59] with two other special shuttle terminuses )

    40, 40A, 52 (there's route largely the same)
    41, 41A (41 "always", 41A only at peak)
    29, 33 (same suburban terminus)
    31, 31Y, 32(T), 213, 213E (there's route largely the same [31-31Y, 32(T)], or the suburban destination is the same [32(T),213(E)])
    940, 941, 958, 959 (suburban night lines from Harangvölgy)
    971A (city night line)
    bus lines are done, you won't choose lines, you would choose line groups: because it's more realistic here, and much easier to make it in Omsi than single lines.
    Tram lines 1, 1A and 2, 2A are also done.
    This Citaro 4 door hLa, is WIP, I try to fix the rear display to work correct (but in fact, in real life, lot of buses works with faulty display)

  • C1G hLA is almost done, it comes with LCD style K++

    21-21Y, 121, 221 lines are ready

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