Komsi Kienzle 1323.02 tacho

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  • Kienzle Tacho Arduino


    Hallo Leute. Ich habe eine Kienzle 1323.02 und benutze sie mit Komsi.


    Leider zeigt der Tacho mit der Komsi-Einstellung (0, 1250, 31, 2560) 20 km / h und nicht Null an, wenn der Bus hält.

    Hat jemand die Lösung?

    Vielen Dank


    Hello guys,

    I have a Kienzle Tachometer 1323.02 and I use it with Komsi.

    Unfortunately the tacho, when the bus is stopped shows 20 Km/h and not 0 Km/h (Arduino Settings 0, 1250, 31, 2560)

    Does anyone have the solution?

    I need the correct value for aduino settings.

    Thanks you very much:)

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  • has it always done this? or is it something thats happened suddenly?

    not sure if you are using komsi to drive the tacho or something else, but it might be in the arduino side, so it's still giving out pulses when it should be stopped?

  • Hello,

    It has always done this, I'm using Komsi V 2.1.

    I tried to put an isolator betwheen Arduino and pc desktop port but doesn't change anything, rather, with the isolator Desktop lost Arduino connection.

  • try komsi 2.4:

    KOMSI2 V2.4.zip

    this may not help, as it may be the setting for the tacho in the arduino sketch,

    For it to be reading 20kph is must be getting the pulses to set it to that speed, so I'd be playing about with the settings in the arduino, might be that it isn't set to send a square wave lower than the one that sets 20kph on the tacho.

    (the way it works, the Arduino is sending the 'tone' output, this is a simple square wave signal, and if a speaker is connected it will give a sound of many clicks... that (at high speeds/tones) sound like an old radio that's not tuned in properly (the whistling noise)

    It's handy that this is the same signal that a speed pulse generator on a bus / truck sends out (an ABS sensor sends the same signal on more modern vehicles)

    However, for a tachograph, it sends 2 signals, when one goes high the other goes low, with just one signal the tacho can go into 'tamper mode' and the needle will rise to about 30kph and back every 8 seconds,

    I use a simple transistor in the circuit that converts the single arduino signal into the 2 opposing signals... but don't worry about that until you have the tacho reading zero,

    One other possibility, some tacho's have a bank of red dip switches behind the drivers disc, these set how many pulses per km and stuff like that, but if they are off then i'd expect the tacho to read odd numbers all through it's range,

  • thanks really much, I will try.

    I would like to ask you how to create a IBIS from a lcd arduino display. I image it simple: Time and date in Omsi game, name, time at stop, and delay of the next stop. What variables should i use? Can you help me please?


  • i'm afraid i havent modified my ibis unit yet, it is still the real one from a berlin bus (with the ~2010 routes in it)

    but using komsi and the printer sketch for arduino, it should not be too hard to do this,
    komsi 2.3 reads the ibis data, you just need to tell it which arduino with an lcd connected to send the data to, and edit the sketch to ignore the ticket info i imagine.

    oh yeah, if you want to 'cheat' you can use an android touch screen... phone, tablet etc, and use 'IBIScontrol'

    IBIScontrol | gcWorld Modifications

    This reads all the data from omsi and sends it over wifi to your touch screen android devise, you can change screens to have an ibis, ticket printer, operate the coin changer, and have basic dashboard info shown,
    this will never replace the feel of using a real ibis, ticket printer and coin changer, but the ibis function is a pretty good copy of one, and if you drive lots of different buses, the screens change to match the buses... where as like with my cab, i'm stuck with a MAN NG272 type bus from the 1990's, with a berlin almex ticket printer (part of the reason i havent bothered with Lotus yes, it seems to be modern buses, and i want to relive my time growing up in germay from 1983 to 1990.. even if it was in Krefeld and not Berlin :)

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