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    How do I add a logfile to the forum?

    First of all the error in OMSI must have appeared first. If the error has occurred, it will be written down in the so called logfile and can help others to recognize your problem.

    Now that we have finished OMSI, we go to the OMSI 2 main menu and open the file "logfile.txt", which is then loaded in a text editor. Mark it with CTRL+A and copy it with CTRL+C to the clipboard. This mean the complete logfile!

    Next, we press the spoiler button in the post editor (3 buttons from the right) and then copy them into the spoiler with CTRL+V.

    The post should now have the following form:

    Another click on the word Spoiler opens a window "Edit Spoiler", so we can now give the spoiler a title:

    Send the mail and you're done:)

    The main advantage of this method is that long text walls, such as the log file, can be well hidden and only become visible when the spoiler is opened.

    Alternatively there is also the possibility to attach the logfile to the post. For this we press the field "Attachments & Images" and then click "UPLOAD". Here we can now select and attach the log files from the OMSI2 directory. Once this is done, the whole thing looks like this:

    This is exactly the procedure you will be asked to follow when you are asked to bring your log file here.