[Sammelthread] Saint Servan

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  • Beim Sobol MAN fehlen bei dem linken Fahrerfenster wohl Regentexturen oder so. Bei aktiviertem Regen wird die Scheibe Weiß und man kann nicht hindurchschauen. Außerdem wollte ich mal fragen, ob jemand weiß, ob es ein Template für den Bus gibt, außer dem weißen Standardrepaint, dass mitgeliefert wird.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the creation of the topic.

    I take into account all the opinions that are given to me, (although some of them are quite virulent ^^) .

    The most "urgent" things have been treated or are being treated :

    - indications (which has been intensified, for busstops and one indication missing on line 25)

    - invisible walls (corrected)

    - optimization (I do my best on this point, however, I don't have the impression that it's constant and annoying, it's only in specific areas)

    Some roundabouts have been decorated (as INVG asked :) *), some Spandau buildings (although they are very few in number) have been removed with their indication in German that goes with it, houses have been changed.

    Know that I'm far from having wanted to make an addon in a hurry, I'm on it since April 2015, I spent many months renovating places, and this will continue in future updates, hoping to change the minds of those who were dissatisfied with the Saint-Servan map.

    I didn't feel like making this addon just for the money, it's a chance for our French community to be able to promote some addons. I suggest, if you're interested, that we discuss about places based on reality (there are many, especially on lines 25 and 204), but especially that you suggest what you'd like to see on the map in future versions.

    I've read notices about empty bike paths and tramway lanes, I'm aware that it's not very cool, nevertheless, AI management is disastrous (I'll come back to that below), and Hafencity's bike system is specific to Aerosoft, so we don't have the authorization to use them, and I don't have the skills to develop mine. For streetcars, same thing, I find that OMSI is not adapted to a tramway. Also, the models available on OMSI have nothing to do with what can be found in France (and here again the same concern: no tramway without authorization), I invite you to look at those of Bordeaux, Tours or Reims (the most similar would surely be those of Saint-Etienne, Nantes and Lille).

    Regarding AI-management, this points to a concern but also an advantage: there are almost NO splines coming from Spandau, and most of the splines are customized by me. So the routes are probably the most important positive point of the map. However, I share your opinion about the calamitous AI management, the problem being that most of my crossings are therefore made in invis street, simply because it is the most interesting solution to create its crossings (I tend to find OMSIObjEditP software a bit badly done, especially for slopes and speed bumps). So AI cars don't really know when they meet, but I will try to make as many crossings as possible with this software in the future.

    * I would however like to say that there are empty traffic circles in France: https://goo.gl/maps/TJdGJjuBmCoG2SEfA , https://goo.gl/maps/W8dXh8WASDVc5rqu8 , https://goo.gl/maps/PEFu86hYdb3bww8d8 , no sprain to my France.

    Feel free to post there, expose your positive opinions or advice on how to do it, I am interested in your opinions (even more if they are encouraging ^^).

  • Nice to read that you will raise the number of french houses. Perhaps I can explain why a lot people (including me) are insisting on new building-objects: We are playing OMSI since 2011 for almost ten years now, and few maps had their own house objects, but most used that ones from Spandau. So we all know every singel Spandau building and we all have seen them in lots of surroundings, so we are just a bit annoyed by seeing them again and again even on payware maps.

    And something to say about the Citelis: The engine sound is really good "designed", but the sound recording seems to be just mono. That does not really fit to the stereo recorded gearbox and is also not really nice to use with headphones :-) Perhaps there is some opportunity to optimize that?

    Der Mann ohne Avatar.

  • About the objects: since we finished BHD two object creators did nothing else than creating St. Servan buildings (Apart from creating splines and modifiyng textures). If a Spandau object is very obvious at a bus stop it is ok, but looking the the last corner of map and complaining appears sometimes a bit strange. Neverthelsee some objects will be changed, at least the one with German shopfronts etc.

  • And perhaps the churches? Because that are very iconic buildings and have a very different look in France than in Brandenburg - no red bricks but grey sand stone (Sandstein, I don't know the english word...)

    Der Mann ohne Avatar.

  • Hello,

    Nothing rude, don't worry! ;)

    I know that time has passed since December, no "unexpected" events, I would only promise an update more important than expected !

    Actually, we want to create the 18m version of the Irisbus Citelis (like that https://flic.kr/p/29bxAzU ). The update will also take more time than expected, obviously, but in return you should have plenty of news... :)

    For example, I was renovating a place in february :



  • Hello Palme d'Or !

    I am just curious about the current development progress of the update: Could you handle the performance problem, as sadly this is still the game-breaking factor. Nevertheless, the pictures you posted above show that the design of St. Servan has been improved greatly. Keep up this nice work!



  • Hi Expressbus !

    I'll detail here some points of optimization I worked on :

    • Lightering of texture/3D of the heaviest objets (bollards, busstops, streetlights) and buildings, like here, the "Leclerc Graudegnan", which has now better textures and a 3D switching from more than 200KB of o3d to... 14KB.


    In the Saint-Servan object folder, there are less and less .o3d exceeding 100KB. I would like to do the same for all the objects used from third party content.

    • Deleting of duplicates of splines, trees and objects which aren't visible while you're driving.

    • Deleting of 4 tiles in the downtown (the place causing most problems of performance) which were decorated for future lines : I deviated them to roads further, to avoid an overload of objets in one tile or many neighboring tiles.

    In downtown, that was sometimes hard to reach 50 FPS, now you can see here, in a relatively detailed place, a good framerate (with a very detailed bus also) :


    If you have other recommendations or tips to improve the performances, I'm listening. ;)

    Have a nice day !

  • Wow, that´s really great, I love what I can see so far!

    As I´m primarly a consument of OMSI, I can´t provide any hints (maybe other can do this). Nevertheless, it seems to be a great (performance) improvement compared to the current version. Thanks for your great effort you put into the optimization of your map!

    Have a nice day!

  • Try to move away from using terrain splines as much as possible, especially for all crossings. They create a lot of polygons if their radius isn't 0. It also helps a lot to use textures with a 2^n resolution, e.g. 2048x2048 instead of 3072x3072 or something like that. They don't have to be square though.