AI bus with schedule not wanting to park next to me

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  • Hi,

    Trying out some map building and everything has gone well until this annoying bug.

    The AI won't park next to me.

    But once I choose another vehicle, it continues driving and parks where it should.

    What makes this bug also very odd, is that when an unsched AI bus tries to go past, it goes all like it should with no problem, but with an AI bus, it goes all opposite.

    If someone could help me with this annoying problem, it would be fantastic.

    Here's a few pics of the stop cubes and AI paths:

    So everything in a nutshell:

    A scheduled bus won't park next to me.


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  • I think the simple reason for this is: OMSI. :D

    User vehicles and AI vehicles weren't the same. Maybe the AI bus at the picture thinks that your bus is at the way of him. :noidea: