Featured Soundpack Conecto LF (G) Hotfix 2 (nötig/essential)

License Agreement
Creative Commons <by-nc-sa>
Recommended version of OMSI
Current v2.3.x
Prerequisite commercial expansions
Citybus 628c & 628g LF (Info)

Dies ist ein Soundpack für den Conecto LF von KajoSoft. This is a sound pack for the Conecto LF made by KajoSoft.

Dieses Soundpack für den Conecto LF von KajoSoft ersetzt den Großteil der Sounds. Das betrifft hauptsächlich Motor, Getriebe und Türen, sowie diverse allgemeine Sounds.

Scriptseitig wurde lediglich der Antrieb ausgetauscht.

Aus diesem Grund ist dies auch nur ein Soundpack und kein umfangreiches Modpaket.

Installationshinweise sind wie immer in der Readme.txt


This sound pack for the Conecto LF by KajoSoft replaces most of the sounds. Mostly for engine, transmission, doors and several generic sounds as well.

As for the scripts, only the transmission has been changed.

Due to that, this is only a sound pack and not a big mod package.

Install instructions as always in the readme.txt

  • i keep getting an error that says argument out of range whenever i try to spawn up the bus via the vehicle selector any idea how to fix this? the other buses from the dlc spawn up just fine

  • Engine sounds are very nice done, maybe they need a little bit more work to be close to Conecto sounds. But the door souns...the original ones was more better.

    • What's wrong with them? The Conecto uses the same door mechanics made by Kiekert/Bode/Wabco found on all Citaros as well. I've checked some videos about the Conecto on YouTube on that case and most of them sound exactly like the Citaro counterparts.

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    • The type of door sound is correct. The problem is the way that sound was mixed, in particular "hit" sounds have a very low bass and sounds more like a window which was closed.

  • Danke Morphi. Wie immer Top Arbeit.

  • I have one bug - after OMSI restart version Conecto LF|OM926|Voith has empty fuel tank :(

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  • The "Conecto_LF_OM936LA_EL" engine sounds, doesn't work for me and I prefer the original door sounds.

  • Vielen lieben Dank dir Morpheus. Gewohnt TOP!

  • Typische Morpheus Qualität, alles bestens. Jetzt noch ne anständige Kasse und der Bus ist perfekt. Vielen Lieben Dank Morpheus & Team für dieses geile Geschenk.

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  • Hi Morphi ,

    danke für das Nikolaus Geschenk :D könntest du auch ein Mod rausbringen für die Iveco Familie würde mich freuen

  • Expectations are beyond reality

    At the beginning, when I saw that Morphi released a soundmod for Conecto, I was surprised. I did not expect such an advanced modder to do this. However, after turning on the game, the impressions dropped. Unfortunately, the sounds do not resemble those from Conecto at all. OM926LA is actually OM906hLA, OM457LA is OM457hLa. The sound of the OM470 is so different that I didn't even know it was him. The OM936LA works best for that, but I think you need to mute the turbine sounds. However, I hope you will try to improve these sounds. Listen to recordings from Poland, where the most of these vehicles are. I recommend myself in this matter in particular.

    Greetings and Merry Christmas

    Reply from Morpheus ():

    The OM470 is a recording of a German C2G. It most likely may differ from that of a Conecto. But nonetheless, without having access to those engines of the Conecto - especially here in Germany (OM926LA is merely non existent and the OM457LA is very rare), I'm afraid that I cannot improve in that regard in the near future. I live in Germany and I have no access to those buses, so I can't do much about that.

    Take it as it is or switch to the original recordings, if you don't like it. That are the only options at this time.

    But thanks for yor honest rating anyway :) I'm not always perfect.

  • Diese Mod wertet das DLC auf und die Fahrzeuge sind nun angenehm fahrbar.

    Die Fahrzeuge schalten nun sehr sauber. Endlich kein Geknister der Sounds mehr und das Ruckeln beim Anfahren und/oder Kickdown ist nun auch Geschichte.

    Zu den Sounds muss man eigentlich schon nichts mehr sagen, sie sind wie gewohnt hochwertig.

    Diese Mod wertet das DLC auf. Vielen, vielen Dank:thumbup: