Featured Volvo 7900H/LH iShift Improvement v1.2 Final

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Dieses kleine Modpaket überarbeitet das I-SAM / iShift Antriebskonzept. This small mod package overhauls the I-SAM / iShift drivetrain concept.

Dieses Modpaket überarbeitet das I-SAM / iShift Antriebskonzept.

Sounds wurden unter anderem ebenfalls überarbeitet.

Die Mod läuft getrennt - es wird demnach nichts überschrieben und ist damit sicher vor eventuellen offiziellen Patches.


This mod package overhauls the I-SAM / iShift drivetrain concept.

Sound has been changed as well.

This mod runs seperated - nothing will be overwritten thus it's safe against potential official patches.

  • v1.2 Final

    Dies ist die finale Version. Beinhaltet alle Fixes/Verbesserungen.

    This is the final version. It contains all fixes and enhancements.


    CHANGELOG v1.2


    - Scheibenwischeranimation korrigiert

    - Scheibenwischersound hinzugefügt

    - Diverse Soundänderungen für Scheibenwaschanlage, Lüftung

    - Kneeling verbessert

    - Änderungen am Türscript




    - Wiper animation corrected

    - Sound for wipers added

    - Changes in sound for wiper washing, HVAC

    - Improved kneeling

    - Some changes to the door script

  • v1.1 with Door improvements

    Diese Version beinhaltet Fix 1 und zudem noch Verbesserungen am Türscript.

    Version 1.0 und Fix 1 sind obsolet.


    This version already contains Fix 1 and some improvements to the door script.

    Version 1.0 and Fix 1 are no longer needed.

  • Hotfix 1

    Dies ist ein kleiner Fix, um das Problem mit dem fehlenden Außensound zu korrigieren.


    This is a small fix to correct the problem with the missing external sound.

  • v1.0 intial release

  • Perfect ! I live in Brussels and we have lots of Volvo 7900 Hybrids here and your mod sounds perfectly spot on ! Except for the doors where the default sound is actually more realistic but that's it, apart from that it's an excellent mod !

  • Great work, but battery doesn't seem to discharge to me, it always stays at the same charge whatever I do. Any idea of what could be happening?

  • i extracted it to the main folder it dosent work for me

  • Amazing! I've been waiting for a real I-shift for a long time and here it is! Great work!

  • 22526 18:27:39 - - Warning: Soundfile vehicles\HC_Volvo7900H\sound\Volvo_ISAM.wav does not exist!

    22527 18:27:39 - - Warning: Soundfile vehicles\HC_Volvo7900H\sound\Volvo_ISAM_on.wav does not exist!

    22528 18:27:39 - - Warning: Soundfile vehicles\HC_Volvo7900H\sound\Volvo_ISAM_off.wav does not exist!

    22529 18:27:39 - - Warning: Soundfile vehicles\HC_Volvo7900H\sound\Volvo_ISAM_cooling_fan.wav does not exist!

    22530 18:27:39 - - Warning: Soundfile vehicles\HC_Volvo7900H\sound\Volvo_ISAM_cooling_start.wav does not exist!

    22531 18:27:39 - - Warning: Soundfile vehicles\HC_Volvo7900H\sound\Volvo_ISAM_cooling_shutdown.wav does not exist!

    What is this sounds? They are missing.

    E:I got answer. :) Its from masterbus DLC.

  • Fantastic! One question, how do I edit the FOV? It's really zoomed in and I noticed it was set to 45 but even that doesn't seem to take effect. It's still the same FOV as the default. I've tried to edit it but it doesn't change.

  • Great mod, we have one of those(Gelenk) in our City, and he sounds like in this mod. :3

    But I use original door sounds, that have our vehicle.

    And what model cfg and door .osc add? Because I had error with .osc(And cant drive with this now, Ill drive with gelenk tommoprow with this mod) and I dont need that constfile, but want know this, if I need .osc or not. :)

  • Seems like exterior sounds are missing. Otherwise great mod!

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  • YESSSSSSSS! Finally! I drive the B5LH at work all the time, and have been waiting for this! All the sounds and scripts are literally bang on. Thank you so much for your amazing work. :)
    ps: Just tried to add the Kruger-mod to it - it doesn't like it lol. Oh well!

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