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    French addon

    :!:OMSI players,

    Some of you knows maybe already the Addon OMSI Express 91.06, currently available on Steam.

    But... It's time to and I'm glad to announce you a new payware addon for OMSI 2 : Grand Paris Moulon.

    In this topic, open to everyone (whatever the language spoken, I will adapt to you as far as possible), I will keep you informed about the development of the addon!

    I'm open to suggestions, advice and criticism, don't hesitate to let me know ;).

    With this addon, discover a part of France on OMSI. This is the first French payware addon.

    🗺 Presentation

    The addon Grand Paris-Moulon is a semi-real map inspired by a western part of the Essonne department.

    In the heart of the French Silicon Valley, the flagship line of this map, the Express 91.06 is a high service level line serving different poles and districts.

    But that's not all, in addition to the Express 91.06, there are 9 additional playable lines serving the area around the plateau du Moulon to other bus stations.

    Enjoy a typically French landscape, very diversified, between villages and countryside, passing in the heart of the French Silicon Valley.

    I specify, the addon is not located in Paris itself. It's an agglomeration located south of Paris. It is inspired by the Paris-Saclay cluster.

    🧐 Features

    • 13 lines : 2 interurban lines, 6 urban lines, 1 circular urban line, 3 school lines and 1 shuttle
    • Bus included - information about the buses included in the addon will be announced soon
    • Typical French decor (countryside, village, industrial zone, highway ...)
    • Travel time varies between 10 and 60 minutes
    • More than 400 new objects/splines
    • New AI vehicles
    • INEO Systrans system (French IBIS)
    • Conduent touch screen (French Almex)
    • Complete automatic passenger information and announcements
    • New matrix cotrollers (Hanover EG3, Mobitec ICU 602, and maybe Aesys KC640)

    ✅ Follow the development of the addon

    📷 Screenshots














    Greetings from France :heart:

    For questions, informations :


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  • Ivan : Thank you for your comment 😀 !

    Concerning the street lamps, they are not placed at all on 95% of the map.

    I'm planning to make a new pass over the whole map to put the street lights in the right places 😉.

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  • It looks simply great! I'm very glad to see how much effort you put in the details of the buses (which ones it ever will be...), like the original IBIS, printer, matrix controllers - by the way, the picture-links for the ones by Mobitec and aesys aren't working! - it's quiet interesting!

    By the way, do you really have 3 components in your buses - printer, IBIS and matrix controller?

    And could you give information whether the modded variants of MB Citaro (Facelift) and Solaris Urbino III will be included?

  • @TheFaceoffHD and Dari19 : Thank you for your support 😄

    BVG: I've just updated the links for the Mobitec and Aesys images, sorry for the mistake.

    And yes, I confirm that there will be the printer Conduent, INEO IBIS, and controller Mobitec / Aesys / Hanover (depending on the operator).

  • A very nice project, known and recognized since already several years ago, but with each new release it's even better!

    Bravo frérot!!

  • 💻 INEO Systrans & PAX info presentation

    Today, I propose some screenshots of the driver and passenger help tools that will be included in the bus.

    For the moment, due to tests, they are included on the Facelift Helvete with mod Morphi BETA to check their operation.











    I would like to point out that the fonts used on INEO and PAX Info are provisional. The screens are a few weeks old.

    Since then, we have integrated new fonts like Arial.

    For the moment, the only language available will be French. However, a translation is planned at the INEO Systrans (IBIS) level.

  • I love it. Are the connections at the second picture real?


    Intern: Die Signatur ist im Ausfall. Grund: Abweichende Personaldisposition DB Regio

    Extern: Verzögerungen im Betriebsablauf

  • We love to be the proud publisher of this AddOn.
    It looks fantastic so far and we give a lot of user a good expirience of the beautiful french area south of Paris. The variance between cosy little villages with French style houses and industrial areas will lead to a good impression of the map.
    Also, the INEO System will be something completley new.

    Some more news to follow in the next time. Stay tuned.

    In Case you missed the first news about GPMS on our website.

    Ankündung OMSI2-AddOn Grand Paris-Moulon «

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  • We are still working on it but coming closer to finalise the AddOn.
    There are a lot of things to put together and test them, that takes time.
    As soon as there are news we will promote them here.

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  • Je me demande si une ligne de l'addon passera le long de CentraleSupélec (le nouveau campus) car il y a une ligne de bus mais je suis pas sûr si elle est incluse dans l'addon ;(

  • There is indeed a line that passes to the CentraleSupélec. It is the 11 Paris-Saclay Mobilités operated by SAVAC midibuses (K C2 and GX 137).

    However, in the addon, a small part of the Centrale Supelec is reproduced (served by lines 91.06B and C, as well as the shuttle H).

    Il y a effectivement une ligne qui passe au CentraleSupélec. Il s'agit de la 11 Paris-Saclay Mobilités exploités par des midibus de la SAVAC (K C2 et GX 137).

    Cependant, dans l'addon, une partie petite partie du Centrale Supelec est reproduite (desservies par les lignes 91.06B et C, ainsi que la navette H) :

    Pour comparaison :…JimeXA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

  • Hello Crazyhorse32 ,

    Nobody had said that the addon would be released in December 2020. The Halycon website announced the date of 31/12/2020. But this one was fictitious.

    The development of the addon is still in progress, and is being intensified, please respect that.

    We are doing our best to finish it. But we want to finish it with a decent quality to give a more enjoyable gaming experience to the players.

    Thank you for your patience,

  • Well, You said it yourself ;)

    So thats why Iam asking :)