Questions related to MB_O530_StaticVehicle

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  • I have a question about "MB_O530_StaticVehicle (" and Yufa Objekte's "GLA Weihnachtsmarkt".

    Is it okay to rewrite the texture of this object and enclose it in the map I am creating?

    I couldn't confirm it because the distributor has already disappeared, so I decided to ask a question here.

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    If the copyright allows it, yes. If no copyright is available, you have to ask the developer itself.

    You can ask Yufa for example in the Lotus Forum.

  • Thank you very much.

    Yufa was able to find the terms that were included in the file.

    Since it says "File modification and unauthorized uploading are prohibited (except for non-commercial maps)", I think it is okay to enclose it in the map.

    Since says "Prohibit re-uploading of objects and individuals", it seems impossible to enclose the map here.