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    Name of project: Sobol's OMSI modifications

    Details: Modifications, complete reworks and creations of Vehicles for OMSI 2

    Participating users: "ensues"

    Copyright: See license of the respective download


    Projektname: Sobol's OMSI Modifikationen

    Beschreibung: Modifizierungen, komplette Reworks(Überarbeitung) und Kreation von Fahrzeugen für OMSI 2

    Beteiligte Personen: "Folgt"

    Copyright: Siehe Lizens des jeweiligen Downloads


    Nazwa projektu: Sobol's OMSI Mods

    Detale: Modyfikacje i kompletne przeróbki pojazdów dla OMSI 2

    Uczestniczący użytkownicy: "następuje"

    Prawa autorskie: Patrz licencja danego pliku do pobrania

    Social Media



    Vehicles & Maps

    Project Type
    Project name
    Status Public Buildnumber
    Patreon Buildnumber
    Vehicle Neoman Overhaul
    Work in Progress
    2.0b 2.1.2pb Download
    Vehicle Neoplan Centroliner Familie Work in Progress N/A 1.02pb Patreon exclusive*
    Vehicle Solbus SolCity Work in Progress
    1.0b 1.01pb Download
    Vehicle Neoplan n40xx Work in Progress
    N/A N/A Patreon exclusive*
    Vehicle MAN NM
    Work in Progress
    N/A 1.0pb Patreon exclusive*
    Solaris Urbino 18 GN05
    Map Oslo Øst Cancelled 1.0a 1.0a Download**

    * Release at the webdisk planned for a later date | Veröffentlichung im Webdisk für einen späteren Zeitpunkt geplant | Publikacja w Webdisk planowana na późniejszy termin

    ** Currently only available on Discord | Aktuell nur auf dem Discord verfügbar | Obecnie dostępne tylko w Discord

    N/A = not available | noch nicht verfügbar | jeszcze niedostępny

    Files for Content Creators

    Project Type Project name Status Download
    SceneryObjects MAN eMobility Charger Released Download
    Vogelsitze System 400/401 Seats Released Download
    Model Kiel Ligero Seats Released
    Model Trapeze Elgeba Entwerter Released Download
    Model Ster NewCity Seats Released Download
    Model Ster 4MA Seats Released Download
    Model MeraSystems BM07 ticket machine Released Download
    Model MAN Pille Dashboard
    Released Download
    Model Kiel Centra Seats
    Released Download

    Because it's good


    Time to kick-off the A23's, finally :cork:

    New KVG Kiel Repaint. For upcoming public release A23 will not yet be released. But all rest (A20, A21, A37, N4516) will. A23/A40 is going to be separate public update. If you want to test A23 yourself and also support my projects, become my patreon! Patreon link plz admins don't kill me

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