invisible traffic lights in alheim addon

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  • hello.

    i recentaly download the addon to my omsi 2 game, but all the traffic lights in the map are invisible... i can see the lights - green, yellow and red, but the traffic light itself is invisible.

    there are also some invisible cars.

    there is an a fix? its happaing only in this addon...


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  • You need the payware Addon "Hamburg Tag und Nacht".

    It has be active.

    Bei Übersetzungen in die Englische Sprache bin ich gerne behilflich.

    Egal ob Beiträge, Dokus oder anderes was mit der Webdisk oder OMSI (Modifikationen) zusammenhängen.

  • So you got it as a present from other? Or how do I have to understand it?

    Beside from that, you have installed it by yourself. So, have you done that via steam or from an exe-file?

  • Did you also activate (install) the Hamburg addons via Steam? Since the traffic lights and cars come from this add-on, it should actually work.

    Otherwise the addons could be cracked, which is why they do not work properly. A friend of mine had the same problem and allegedly cracked the addon.

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