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Welcome to the OMSI-WebDisk!
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    Guidelines for support requests

    1. Before creating a support request

    Before creating a support request, it is always worth checking the support area to see if someone else has had the same problem as you before.

    If you have downloaded content yourself, it is always a good idea to read the ReadMe. Many problems result from the fact that e.g. a map requires additional content, so that the problem can be solved by having a look at the ReadMe and downloading the needed stuff ;)

    Also a wrong installation by not reading the ReadMe may have caused the problem.

    2. Creating the support request

    If you haven't found a thread for your problem yet, you are welcome to create one yourself.

    Please make sure to create one in the right area.

    Omsi Main Program Support

    Commercial DLC's

    Freeware AddOns & Mods

    Support- Threads by Creator

    Missing external Content

    Steam , PC & Hardware

    Also make sure to choose a meaningful title and describe the problem in detail. The description should contain a little more than "The map doesn't work" ;) Please also fill out the template completely, which will be displayed automatically when you create the thread.

    You will always need the Logfile. Omsi automatically documents all actions and errors since the program was started. Even a picture of the problem can't hurt, but is not a must.

    The Logfile is very important to locate the error, please post it in a spoiler or if it is too big for that, attach it to your post.:)

    You can find out how to do this here: Instructions for posting a Logfile

    3. After creating the support request

    Waiting for an answer:)

    Please keep in mind that all the people who help and give support here do it voluntarily and exclusively in their spare time. Depending on the difficulty of the problem or the simple fact that we all have a real life and don't hang around 24/7/365 in the forum, you may have to wait for an answer.

    Following the guidelines will help you, as our hard-working supporters can answer faster

    and in addition it reduces the unnecessary requests for the logfile or what exactly the problem is.:)

    The purpose of the Omsi Experts is to help people to help themselves!

    All topics or posts that have nothing to do with support or error messages will be deleted immediately.

    Unwanted support requests via PN or Discord will be deleted without comment and in case of repetition a warning will be issued!

    Questions to the experts, like "Will you build me this bus" are also unwanted.

    In case of multiple or serious violations, there will be a warning or a admonition.