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    Ahh, that's what you want.

    You could try to replace the font (that supports german and east-EU letters) in the .sco, see example down below, line 27

    Code: example: routearrow_dn_dyn.sco

    depending on the size of the new font, you also have to adjust the size of the text texture.

    Just sending it with the Map in a download wouldn't be allowed.

    Am I right, that they are created automatically, depending on the user-created tracks and trips and the paths on crossing objects? And begin to look weird (2 with opposite direction or much arrows in a row) because of spline crossings?

    try to reinstall OMSI / verify files via Steam, something seams wrong with Spandau Chrono and Trabi

    Very intresting in OMSI is, that OMSI is just OMSI and even default unmodded things can bug once or maybe destroy themself. :/

    Or maybe Marcel and Janine installed an update to destroy OMSI to convince everyone about LOTUS. ;)

    another way would be to use the repaint tool.

    Don't know why is that in this particular bus

    Some busses use this system. The transparency of the texture controls the glossy intensity. The o3d has a high envmap amount and with lower transparency or with the repaint tool, you counter against the chrome effect. With a propper alpha-mask (for example O303 / O307), you can achieve low-glossy-lacquer and high-glossy chrome strips

    My Favorite will be the "1-2-0 interurban version", perfect for support of the MAN Citybusfamily.

    Do you have already informations about Gearbox, Motor, Emission Class and year of construction?

    there should be more or same amount of busses, than you have toursin your TT-Data.

    Code: OMSI 2\maps\--Mapname--\TTData\--Line or tour Name--.ttl
    [newtour] ->defines new tour
    Wagen 1 -> Name of the Tour
    Hof Krefrath Gelenkbus Regional -> used AI-Group-Name
    1023 ->??? don't know

    depending how the time tables are made (more single ttl-files for each line or combined for example all Monday-Friday busses with line-changes during duty), you have more or less ttl files in the folder. Now you can search for the AI-Group names and count them, so much busses you will need at least.

    try the "Edge Split Modifier"

    because normally, all the verticies and edges are connected to each other and create a smooth shading, that looks like this shadows. After the modifier, the edges, that are sharper than the typed-in angle are disconnected and do not create this shadows anymore.

    Also you should apply the "Triangulate Modifier", you see the flickering faces right next to the 4 Trees on your OMSI Screenshot? That could solve that.


    now, that i'm also here i can say my opinion to the Neoman Overhaul and what bugs /possible improvements I found:

    -overall, great look and functions, nice setvars

    -please think about the "render-order", you can't see the "Haltestangen-Fenster" from outside or the Dash / Ibox through left driver window outside

    -the money is not animated with the drivers door

    -maybe you can use OMSI's "Drug-Mode" usefull for the front flaps in MAN: Don't do drugs kids, not like OMSI. - Sobol OMSI 2 Projects

    -A21 (doorside) seatings in front of rear door too high seat level in passengercabin

    -very fast gearbox overheat (2017 €6 ZF A20/21)

    -one front door silent in door-wing-lock mode

    -fast made for me in blender, but a textTexture lic-plate is always good

    -you can't see the typed in destination number in iBox in "Sonderziel-Mode", but Route and Line work

    -ticket description partly too big for textTexture in iBox

    -ticket validator missing optical

    Good luck and stay healthy in the Future, I hope for more Neomans. :thumbup:


    Jetzt, da ich auch hier bin, kann ich mal meine Meinung zum Neoman Overhaul sagen und was ich an Bugs / möglichen Verbesserungen gefunden habe

    -Im Großen und Ganzen schaut er großartig aus, hat schöne Funktionen und setvars

    -Bitte die Renderreihenfolge beachten, "Haltestangen" Fenster sieht man nicht von außen, sowie Dash und iBox nicht durch das linke Fahrerfenster von außen

    -Geld nicht mit Fahrertür animiert

    -Vielleicht kannst du den "OMSI-Drug-Mode" sinnvoll für die Lichter an den MAN-Frontklappen benutzen: Don't do drugs kids, not like OMSI. - Sobol OMSI 2 Projects

    -A21 (Türseite) Sitze vor Hintertür zu hoch (passengercabin)

    -Schnelle Getriebeüberhitzung (2017 €6 ZF A20/21)

    -Eine Tür still mit Türflügelsperre

    -Für mich schnell in Blender gemacht, aber ein textTexture-Kennzeichen ist immer gut

    -Man kann die gerade eingetippte Zielnummer (Sonderziel-Eingabe) nicht in der iBox sehen, Route und LInie geht

    -Ticket Namen teilweise zu groß für die Texttextur

    -Kein optischer Entwerter

    Viel Glück und Gesundheit für die Zukunft, ich hoffe auf mehr Neoman's :thumbup: