Ai buses being spawned with additional wrong liveries.

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  • Hello! So my problem is that sometimes buses (except good ones with liveries listen on ai list) are being spawned with random repaints. As an example im proving a screenshot of alheim livery which is not mentioned anywhere in ailist and does not have any bus number, but still appears in game. Also im giving you my ailist. . The Map is called "projekt szczecin". If ai list link not working let me know, i will upload it elsewhere.

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    That usually happens when you've entered not enough buses for a [aigroup_depot] entry. Just add more buses in the ailist, then it should not happen again.

  • How do i know how many should be there? Is there any indication file or game just needs more buses for ai routes so it spawns additional random painted buses?

  • There is no efficient way to count them. You could count the amount of timetable entries that use that specific depot entry and therefore get the amount of buses needed, but it's easier to just double the amount of buses in that entry. If that problem is still there after that, then increase the amount of buses furhter until there are no buses with wrong livery and without numbers anymore.

  • there should be more or same amount of busses, than you have toursin your TT-Data.

    Code: OMSI 2\maps\--Mapname--\TTData\--Line or tour Name--.ttl
    [newtour] ->defines new tour
    Wagen 1 -> Name of the Tour
    Hof Krefrath Gelenkbus Regional -> used AI-Group-Name
    1023 ->??? don't know

    depending how the time tables are made (more single ttl-files for each line or combined for example all Monday-Friday busses with line-changes during duty), you have more or less ttl files in the folder. Now you can search for the AI-Group names and count them, so much busses you will need at least.



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