Solaris Urbino Euro 3 mod

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    Hallo, in diesem Thread werde ich mein Projekt vorstellen. Dies ist Solaris Urbino Euro 3.

    Er wird sich durch den Verbrennungsstandard, die Innenausstattung und einige Details auszeichnen. Die Basis ist das Paket "Solaris Urbino PL", als Vorbild diente mir ein reales Fahrzeug aus Warschau mit der Nummer 8440.


    Hello, I'll present my project in this thread. This is Solaris Urbino Euro 3.

    It will be distinguished by the standard of combustion, interior design, and some details. The basis is the package "Solaris Urbino PL", I was modelled on a real vehicle from Warsaw with the number 8440.



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  • Hello,

    I see that the bus has a DAF PE228C engine, this is the same as the VanHool NewAG300 (see picture) However, the VanHool has it with a ZF 5HP502 gearbox, are you planning to make a version with this gearbox?

    Here's a sound preview:

    Kind regards


  • Moderator

    Added the Label Vehicle
  • Version 2.0 will add a new length of available vehicle.

    The next release will include Engines:

    DAF PE228C;

    MAN D0836;

    Interlocked with transmissions:

    Voith DIWA D864.3E;

    ZF 6HP-594;

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Solaris Urbino 18 Euro 3 mod” to “Solaris Urbino Euro 3 mod”.
  • Due to webdisk policy the download will not be made available on this platform. (Archive with password) I did this because of the important information contained in the readme which, as you know, not everyone reads and is important because of the major changes to the previous package. The latest version of the addon is contained in the following link. Thank you for understanding.…aris-Urbino-Euro-3--26441