Innovations until 22 November 2020


  • Global
    • WebDisk goes mobile! We are now connected with WSC-Connect verbunden. You can interact with the WebDisk on your smartphone from now on, e.g. get push notifications.
    • There is an icon shown at external links.
    • From now on PayPal donations wil be handled via a MoneyPool. The pool also offers an overview fo all donations. Anonymous donations are still possible, too, simply tick the appropriate box.
    • Improvements for the Dark Mode
    • New icons in the menu bar
    • Trophy for Discord users
    • New reaction: Done
  • Forum
    • [Proposal] Help offers.
      In this thread modders can offer their help, from creating repaints to help with timetables. Our goal is to get a list of enthusiastic and capable users who can be asked for help of any kind if needed.
    • The AEROSOFT-Banner is shown in a thread.
  • Filebase
    • [Proposal] Reviews vs. comments.
      Recently there has been some confusion about the difference between reviews and comments. Reviews are not subjective comments, but objective evaluations of the quality of the download. Since a minimum length for reviews is technically impractical, we have now added a note in the review system about what a review should and should not contain. Reviews that contain personal or subjective comments will be deleted! The place for this would be the commentary system. Furthermore, star ratings are not there to settle personal feuds.
      If the review system continues to cause problems, we will unfortunately have to take further action. The Ultima Ratio would finally be an obligation to moderate or even deactivate the reviews, but we do not want that. If everyone remains objective and friendly, there will be no problems.
    • [Proposal 1 | Proposal 2 | Proposal 3] New filebase categories for map extensions, repaints etc.
    • Rule changement: English description. From now on it is mandatory (except for repaints) to write a description in English in addition to the description in your native tongue.
  • Wiki
    • A new user group was introduced: The iki authors extend the Wiki with their profound knowledge and write tutorials. An application is required for write access to the Wiki:
      FAQ: How can I contribute to the Wiki?

      Anyone who is interested in contributing something submits his or her first article or concept (e.g. revision of an existing article) to the administration. After checking, the person is then invited to the user group and granted write access to the wiki and internal discussion forum. We only accept serious applications.

      With the Wiki we want to create a neutral and comprehensive reference work in which only verified authors write entries. A wiki article is subject to special quality conditions. In addition, a wiki article should be more comprehensive than a "normal" tutorial.

  • Articles
    • New category "Users & ranks" for all information about the different user groups.

Fixed errors

  • Global
    • Fixed activity points
    • Fixed wrong minimum time between two comments
    • [Report] Fixed duplicate point for absence message
    • [Report] Fixed display error at team page
  • Forum
    • [Report] Picture size is not changed anymore if you edit a post
    • [Report] Ignored topics are not dis-ignorable.
  • Filebase
    • [Report] Thumbnails are shown in the same size
  • Wiki
    • Fixed headline ordinal numbers
    • The Wiki is now indexed by search machines