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    Omsi actually has an random Operator:)

    So you coud basically set your limit in Stack 0 like this

    1001 random S.L.error_prob

    Since 1000 should be included

    Depending on on your need you could make a Macro so you can just call this rng whenever you need it.

    Im not exactly sure how to pass the number to the specific error without a huge if-else block since i belive omsi has nothing like a switch operation

    I belive the best way would be to call this rng whenever there ist the possibility for an error to occur

    Im going to Link an older Thread from the other Omsi-Forum on which I provided an example script, since the thread is in german you might have trouble to understand the complete discussion: *Klick*

    In the upper example the object becomes visible after 9am and disapears after 9pm

    Maybe this helps :)